There’s a word that gets thrown around in a lot of homeschool circles that’s always kind of bugged me. “TWADDLE”

In this context, it usually means a piece of literature that isn’t “quality”. The idea is that you want to spend your energy (and your children’s energy) on consuming quality material. You want to fill your mind with what is true and beautiful and good.

And I get it. I really do.twaddle.jpg

I think it always rubs me the wrong way because it’s a word that tends to get used by people who present themselves as experts in what is quality and what is twaddle. Since I have a natural tendency to question someone who tells me they know everything (a blog post for another day), I immediately bristle. It irritates me most because I immediately wonder, “Who are you to decide what is twaddle and what isn’t? There’s not a list anywhere handed down from God, is there?” Though, let’s be honest, there is some seriously pitiful stuff out there.

Today, though, as I sat in a multitude of workshops designed to aid and guide the homeschool teacher, I found myself thinking about the word again. There were a couple of sessions that half way through I thought, “This is a waste of my time. Why am I here? Maybe I should just leave.” And then I looked around the room and wondered if everyone else felt the same as I did. Surely they must! Clearly this is twaddle!!

And then, without fail, at the end of the workshop, someone from the audience would go up to the speaker and ask questions. Thank them for having shared. Tell them how something they said made such a difference. And then it hit me.

What is twaddle to me, is clearly not twaddle to everyone. What I find to be good and true and beautiful, may not be beautiful to someone else.


That’s the way God designed us to be. We are each and every one beautifully and perfectly created in his image. And if you find something beautiful, then it must be beautiful! Whether I think so or not.

And that’s the case for most everything in this world. Books. Music. Artwork. Even homeschool convention workshops.

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